2 workshops down, 1 to go

The workshop has given room for discussions around the following topics:

  • The new normal: Impoliteness and aggression on social media

Social media websites are a relatively new development within the Internet context, and despite the emergence of communication protocol and ‘netiquette’, not all users adhere to prescriptive guidelines for online interaction, nor do they necessarily apply established practices of face-to-face interaction. Instead, the Internet context seems to encourage users to rebuke or challenge linguistic norms. Consequently, face-to-face interaction and computer-mediated communication can differ substantially with regards to that which constitutes ‘normal’ or ‘standard’ interactional practices. Members of the sub-group investigate new media contexts as e-communities of practice (Graham 2007) where impolite language use can be seen as constituting a norm.

  • Health news and health related discussions in leading Nordic journal

Online news articles are used increasingly as a source of information. With health as a main topic, that can sometimes be complex to define, this sub-group targets to answer questions: how is health constructed in leading Nordic newspapers, how journalists construct themselves as well as readers and what differences are there between the journals in different Nordic countries? A close look is taken on interdiscursivity, journalistic objectivity and participant roles.

  • Conventionalization


As a spin-off to this project, a new group was proposed to research a new, Nordic-born phenomenon that has rapidly taken over the world: the Norwegian teen drama SKAM (translates Shame) and its growing fan base. SKAM has been using social media in a unique way to engage its viewers more and has given them a more active role than TV series traditionally have.


The 2nd SoNoGlo workshop, Stockholm 12.1–13.1.2017

The stormy weather of Stockholm didn’t disturb the research work as the participants met for the second time during the project. With some small changes on the participant list, Teams Finland, Sweden and Denmark met at Södertörn University. Before sub-group working, Patricia Bou-Franch (University of Valencia) gave a plenary speech “Identity, ideology and conflict in YouTube”.

The three research sub-groups, formed during the first workshop, are each focusing on a specific theme of their own in order to produce and publish a scientific article. The objective of the second workshop was to present and investigate collected data, and discuss research theories and methodologies.

Ideas to enhance Nordic collaboration in the form of an annual symposium focusing on research on social media were brought up as well, and continuation to the project was discussed. There is clearly a need to strengthen Nordic research collaboration, as the Nordic societies are home to some phenomena unique only to them.

While the work towards publishing a scientific article continues, the teams will come together next time in Odense, Denmark on 8th of June.


Launching a new research collaboration…

The 1st workshop was held at the University of Turku June 2-3, 2016.
The 2nd workshop will be held in Stockholm in January 2017,
and the 3rd workshop will be held in Odense in June 2017.


SoNoGlo is a new Nordic research network focusing on social media and communication. For more information on the research see About SoNoGlo.

The three two-day workshops are constructed in a way that the research work is carried out through them: the first workshop initiated research themes and proposed data; the second will focus on research theories and methodologies and the last one will present the findings.

Research teams will be formed, each of which including participants from two or three of the participating universities. Each team will investigate a specific research problem during the workshops. The objective of this collaboration is for each research team to produce a scientific article.